Link updates since the publication of "The Siege of Philadelphia Schools Has Become a Full-Scale Assault".

(in chronological order)

Statement of PFT President Jerry Jordan on the Charter School Language in the School Code
Philadelphia Federation of Teachers - December 13, 2015 

Lawmakers prepare for new fight in 5-month budget showdown
Associated Press - December 13, 2015 

Hite Deserves Extension
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 13, 2015
SRC Chairwoman Neff doubles down on her support for a Hite contract extension.
Scroll to the last letter. Read the comments.

Give Hite the Ball
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 13, 2015
As usual, the Inquirer Editorial Board supports corporate interests over those of most of its readers.

Pa. House committee amends Senate budget bill
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - December 14, 2015

Response to Superintendent Hite's Contract Renewal
Caucus of Working Educators of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers - December 14, 2015

The Fight for Wister
Examiner - December 14, 2015

Statement of Education Voters: Comment on proposed School Code language
Pennsylvania Education Voters - December 14, 2015 

Philly Schools Sacrificed on the Alter of Pennsylvania Budget Compromise
gadflyonthewallblog - Decmber 15, 2015

Fate of Pa. budget now rests with House
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 15, 2015 

PA: Budget Fluffernuttery Threatens Schools
Curmudgucation - December 15 - 2015

Pa. budget talks 'interesting' but yield no deal
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 15, 2015 

Superintendent: Philly Schools Could Close After January Due to Budget Impasse
NBC 10 - December 15, 2015 

Pa. education secretary lauds new federal school accountability law
Newsworks - December 15, 2015
No mention of the proposed school code change to privatize five Philadelphia public schools per year.

Interview with Wister teacher Robin Lowry
Wake Up with WURD - December 15, 2015 

What happens when the money runs out?
Examiner - December 16, 2015

Philly schools look to outsource two top administrators, temporarily
Newsworks - December 16, 2015
See the role of Senator Evans in this and his role spelled out in the above article.
Because they can't find any other "highly qualified candidates"??? Don't believe the "temporarily".

Philly Subs are Getting Screwed
UCap Television - December 16, 2015 

Wolf: GOP budget ultimatum 'ridiculous'.
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 17, 2015

At raucous meeting, SRC votes to extend Hite's contract through 2022
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 17, 2015
At the conclusion of the December 17th SRC meeting, Superintendent Hite thanked the SRC for his contract extension for seven years at $300,000 per year and stated several times he knows that he will have to do "tough things that many people will not agree with...but nonetheless those things must be done."

Hite's Warning
Vimeo video - December 18, 2015
Now that Superientendent Hite's contract has been extended for seven years, Hite closed the December 17th SRC meeting with a warning he is "just beginning". 

With conditions like these, principals are set up to fail
The Notebook - December 18, 2015
Transcript of Robert McGrogan testimony at the SRC meeing on December 17, 2015.
Video of Robert McGrogan, president of the Philadelphia public schools principals' union, testifying at the SRC meeting on December 17, 2015. https://goo.gl/dF9gG1 

School Code changes would make ensuring charter accountability impossible
The Notebook - December 18, 2015 

District looks to outsource two top administrators
The Notebook - December 18, 2015 

Again, no budget. House nixes key pension bill 149-52
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 19, 2015 

Budget agreement careens towards collapse
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 20, 2015

With budget deadlocked House Repubs try to squeeze Tom Wolf
Penn Live - December 20, 2015  

Pa. House relents, prepares to pass budget deal
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 22, 2015
No word about what happened to the change in the School Code which would allow the state to assign charter management companies to open charter schools in Philadelphia. 

Philly schools: Caught in the cross hairs of a political tug-of-war
Examiner - December 22, 2015

Capitol empties as Pa. budget deal collapses
Philadelphia Inquirer - December 23, 2015 

Pennsylvania House Leaders, in the abscence of a budget deal, send lawmakers home
PennLive - December 23, 2015

Last-ditch budget bill passes, Wolf's bipartisan deal stalls
The Morning Call - December 23, 2015 

 Wolf's big decision: to sign or veto bill in 6-month impasse
Associated Press - December 26, 2015

Pennsylvania is failing Philly's schools – so, close the school?
Philadelphia Newsworks - December 28, 2015 

Gov. Wolf line-item vetoes budget he calls "an exercise in stupidity"    Wolf's partial veto means budget impasse is far from over
The Lehigh Valley Morning Call - December 29, 2015 

Lashing out at lawmakers, Wolf sending billions to Pa. schools, social services
Philadelphia Newsworks - December 30, 2015

DN Editorial: Budget makes no $en$e
Philadelphia Daily News - December 30, 2015

Surprise! You're a charter school now!
East Falls Local - January 2, 2016 

Pa. budget talks could hit tougher sledding in election year
Philadelphia Newsworks - January 4, 2016 

Reports of end of Pa. budget impasse may be greatly exaggerated
January 14, 2016