These are links for "Who is Eli Broad and why is he trying to destroy public education?" in 2014 since publication.

The Broad Foundation - Why Should You Care?
Shed Light Now - January 2, 2014

Newark boss Anderson, cracks down on critics, suspends five principals in one day
Bob Bruan's Ledger - January 18, 2014
(View the video in the article.) 

Cami Anderson and the Unaccredited Broad Superintendents Academy
Diane Ravitch's blog - January 19, 2014 

Best Friends Forever: Chris Christie & Eli Broad
Diane Ravitch's blog - January 21, 2014

Principals strike back, file federal suit alleging "conspiracy" to silence critics of "One Newark".
Bob Braun's Ledger - January 26, 2014 

From the Right: Education Intelligence Agency on Randi, Common Core and TNTP Sug Tim Daly
Ed Notes Online - January 29, 2014 

Gates Is Funding USDOE Conferences and "Innovations"
@ The Chalk Face - February 1, 2014  

Opinion: Looking Closely At The Dangerous Legacy of Commissioner Chris Cerf
New Jersey Spotlight - February 14, 2014 

An Open Letter to Bill Gates and a Keynote Challenge
@ The Chalk Face - February 17,2014 

Cami asks state approval to ignore seniority in teacher layoffs
Bob Braun's Ledger - February 21, 2014 

NJ's Schoolgate deserves investigation, too
Bob Braun's Ledger - February 22, 2014 

Newark: 700 teachers may be laid off, many replaced by TFA
Bob Braun's Ledger - February 23, 2014

NJEA blasts Newark's Anderson, vows fight to save tenure
Bob Braun's Ledger - February 24, 2014 

Internal Documents Reveal Charter Expansion, TFA Go Hand in Hand
EduShyster - February 25, 2014 

Cerf's Amplify gets $23 million from Newark
 Bob Braun's Ledger - February 27, 2014

A Schneider Debriefing on Weingarten
@ The Chalk Face - March 7, 2014 

Ravitch Freaks Out
Schools Matter - March 22, 2014

Newark Teacher Gives Thanks and Advice to Ravitch
Ed Notes Online - March 24, 2014 

Solidarity Forever
Perdido Street School - April 6, 2014 

Behind the CSS Corporate Curtain: Gates, TURN, and the AFT Innovation Fund
Kris Nielsen - @ The Chalk Face - April 9, 2014 

A Newark Teacher Issues Warning to NYC Teachers on Contract
Ed Notes Online - May 4, 2014 

Breaking News: Chicago Teachers Union Opposes the Common Core
Diane Ravitch's blog - May 7, 2014 

Weingarten Wants Common Core; Lewis Says We're Done
Mercedes Schneider @ The Chalk Face - May 7, 2014 

Weingarten and Van Roekel Represent the Antithesis of Social Justice Unionism
Schools Matter - May 27, 2014 

How to Buy a Governor for Fun and Profit: first, control the public education systems - testing, teachers, charters and all
Reclaim Reform - June 9, 2014 

AFT's Randi Weingarten, Jonathan Pelto, Dan Malloy, Connecticut and the Fate of Public Education
Reclaim Reform - Jun 17, 2014 

Randi Weingarten, Twitter, and "Secret Society" Membership
Mercedes Schneider @ The Chalk Face - July 8, 2014 

Conflicts of interest, public education, the AFT/NEA corruption through non-profits
Labor Video July 9, 2014 

Former CTC Attorney Kathleen Carroll Lays Out the Unholy Alliance Between Union and Public Education Privatizers
Perdaily.com - July 10, 2014 

When Did Teacher Unions Decide to "TURN" Against Collective Bargaining Rights?
United Public Workers for Action - July 11, 2014

Eli Broad on the Tavis Smiley show
Tavis Smiley show - July 17, 2014 

Look who's running the Broad Foundation
Hemlock on the Rocks - July 22, 2014

CPS starving its schools to justify privatization
Chicago Sun-Times - July 30, 2014

The Bush Institute Talks with Eli Broad about Common Core, School Reform and Big Urban Districts
The George W. Bush Institute - August 1, 2014

Did ANY of Michelle Rhee's promises actually work in DC?
GFBrandenburg's Blog - September 2, 2014

The Unbearable Lightness of Neo-Liberal Historical Revisionism in Education
Schools Matter - September 26, 2014 

National Urban League, with Lots of Gates $$$, Supports Common Core
Diane Ravitch's blog - September 27, 2014 

Comment about “The Unbearable Lightness of Neo-Liberal Historical Revisionism in Education” by Jim Horn
Schools Matter - September 30, 2014 

SRC sells schools for pennies when the district needs millions
Solomon Jones @ Philadelphia Newsworks - September 22, 2014

Weingarten, Broad, and *Collaborative* Privatization
deutsch29 - October 4, 2014 

Audio of the SRC Meeting Canceling the PFT contract
SoundCloud - October 6, 2014

Where the "Broad" Road Will Take AFT
deutsch29 - October 7, 2014

Teachers Unions Say Midterm Loses Don't Reflect on Them
HuffPost Politics - November 5, 2014

Dear Randi
Curmudgucation - November 6, 2014 

Howard Fuller's flight from the civil rights movement to darling of the racist conservatives
Schooling in the Ownership Society - Novmeber 27, 2014

The Anti-TFA protests are misguided
Education Week - December 9, 2014 
By BAEO's Howard Fuller 

Randi Weingarten Was Present When Governor Cuomo Rolled Out His "Break The Public School Monopoly" Rhetoric At A Forbes Event
Perdido Street - December 14, 2014